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It’s our mission to encourage great leadership.

“Great leaders demonstrate four elements to inspire action: they are confident in themselves, connected to others, visionairy committed and emotionally courageous.”

As a partner we support leading and entrepreneurial organisations in strengthening their human potential. We appoint leaders who walk the talk and foster a warm and welcoming culture with clarity of purpose and shared values. And we define a governance that ensures alignment of culture and actions. Our target audience includes businesses seeking to fill executive positions, and that value carefulness and thoroughness in their hiring processes.

With a timeless vision L’Invitée stands for relentless quality, solid craftsmanship and warm authentic services. We make connections at lightning speed, we ask the question behind the question and cure blind spots. L’Invitée helps people and organisations thrive and advance through an ambitious, Southern refined experience combined with a grounded Northern European management focus.

L’Invitée was founded in 2017 as a Frisian company based on the idea that happy, passionate people work and live with fulfillment, propelled by intrinsic motivation and passion. We work with the wish of our clients as our compass, use a boutique approach for tailored service and act from equality as our starting point. We want you to feel our commitment and professionalism every step of the way.

About Alida

Alida de Boer

“As a child I dreamed of entrepreneurship and after my experience at various agencies I decided that things could be done more distinguished. With heart for people and organisations, quality first and highly personalised service. Being able to see people’s capability and giving them the opportunity to unlock their greatest potential moves me. I strive to maintain an energetic and open attitude that shines straight through the professionals and organisations I work with.”

What our clients say

What our clients say