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Excellent executive search services leading to long term personal and inspiring relationships.

Finding the right person for a specific permanent position is often difficult and time consuming. Let us help, take care of your concerns and sharpen your search with our expert knowledge and experience. We take time to understand your business goals, company culture, specific job requirements and we invest in getting to know your team so that we can present the ideal and best candidate you need. Professionals with a scarce profile for senior, management and executive positions are approached by us personally and discreetly.
Our relationships are enforced by exclusivity, trust and always focused on the long term. We work on a retained search basis and give a 6 month warranty. We focus on positions from the 50K salary segment.

The key elements of our search process



Discussing, probing and redefining the job description and candidate profile.



Set up search, deploy network and publish employer branding campaign.



Discussion and revision longlist with matching profiles.



In-depth interviews with shortlisted candidates.


Reach us for more info or send your vacancy by e-mail. We will get back to you in one day.

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