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If only the best is good enough.

Finding the right person for a complex permanent position is difficult and time consuming. Let us help and take care of your concerns. With our experience and expertise we sharpen your recruitment issue and reduce it to the core based on an effective search strategy. This will provide ease and results.

We generously take the time to understand your business goals, company culture, specific job requirements and we invest in getting to know your team so that we can present the best candidate you need for a professional future proof organisation.

We have a keen eye for talent, motives and attitude. Professionals with a scarce profile and a well balanced personality for strategic key positions with a bachelor or master degree are personally and discreetly selected by us and approached based on a solid job profile. Based on a powerful and dedicated search we focus on the mobilization of the latent seeking candidate.

For our assignments we charge a fixed fee. Our only incentive is to deliver what’s best for you. Our fixed fee policy frees us to be diligent, thorough, and completely unbiased, able to professionals on an equal basis and facilitate hiring negotiations with no conflict of interest.

Our collaborations are enforced by exclusivity, trust and always focused on the long term. We work on a retained search basis and we give a 6 month warranty. Our excellent services are going to lead to rich, personal and interesting relationships. 

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Discussing, probing and defining the job description and candidate profile.



Set up search, deploy network and publish employer branding campaign.



Discussion and revision longlist with matching profiles.



In-depth interviews and Big Five assessments with shortlisted candidates.


We will carry out your search assignment with the greatest notice and care.

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