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“invité (m), invitée (v):

invité d’honneur, invité de marque”
L’Invitée is established and founded in 2017 based on the idea that happy people work and live with satisfaction, intrinsic motivation, passion and fun. L’Invitée stands for quality, solid craftsmanship and we ask the question behind the question.
We work for a select group of innovative, entrepreneurial and professional building- and technical market leaders. We feel at home in our region as well as at (inter)national level.
We hire with the wish of our clients as a compass and we don’t shy a sassy search solution. With equality as a starting point creating the most beautiful connections together.
Company philosophy
Our services are inspired by empathy, a leadership quality with which you can take your organization to a higher level. Empathy leads to better collaborations, a better world and provides connection.

About Alida

Alida de Boer

“On a misson to find the best people. With a demonstrated history in search for 10 years I am an entrepreneurial, ambitious and impassioned strategic sparring partner. I am driven, professional, authentic and I have an open attitude. I’m happy to help when you need expert advice for an effective search strategy for a managerial position in the building and technical industry or if you are looking for a trusted advisor in career guidance.”

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