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Your ambition, our expertise

Your ambition,
our expertise

Where 10 years experience, the knowledge of people, intuition and a solid network come together. L’Invitée is a boutique search office and we work for entrepreneurial, innovative building- and technical SME’s and corporate market leaders from local to (inter)national strategic key positions.

We know how to hire with
an honest and accessible style.



Focus on qualitative growth and ambitions of people and organisations.



A guaranteed fit for every career- and recruitment issue.



Always for the purpose on trusted and longlasting relationships.

We are curious what we can do for you.

The office of L’Invitée is located in Landhuis Veenwijk. To make an appointment please send an e-mail to info@linvitee.eu.

What our clients and professionals say

What our clients &
professionals say

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